Cup Kick has been covering Mixed Martial Arts since the sport’s humble beginnings, over three thousand years ago.


We were at the scene of the world’s first MMA fight in 1020 BC, in which David defeated Goliath via first round TKO stoppage from a perfectly executed triangle choke. (But back then it was of course called “NHB.”)

Today, we are the Internet’s most trusted source of up-to-date news about the world’s favorite MMA promotions, such as Extreme Fighting Championship, the IFL, Elite XC, Pride, Affliction, and the WEC.


This shouldn’t be that hard to figure out, but in case it’s not clear: None of the stories on this site are real. Every article we publish is satire or parody.

come at me bro

Of course, if you don’t know this, you’re probably:

a) An idiot

b) A casual MMA fan who got confused

c) A hardcore MMA fan who isn’t surprised by anything at this point.

But if we’re being honest, it’s probably A.