Las Vegas, NV – Octagon girl Arianny Celeste has been a UFC employee for over seven years, and she’s eligible to keep her job a little while longer.

Last night Celeste completed the online course “Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” and passed the final multiple choice exam with a score of 9 out of 10, sources close to the UFC reported.

“I always get the one about ‘quid pro quo‘ harassment wrong,” Celeste said.

According to the UFC’s employee handbook, Celeste does not have to take the course–which is a requirement for all UFC employees–again until the next calendar year. Yet UFC officials have hinted that due to her prior involvement in several harassment-related incidents, they may make her complete it every three months.

“Arianny’s a valued staff member,” company president Dana White said, “but she absolutely needs to stop sexually harassing our employees and our fighters if she wants to keep her job.”

According to her personnel file, Celeste has had over a dozen sexual harassment complaints filed against her since beginning her employment with the UFC in 2006.

On her very first night on the job, she received a verbal counseling for violating the dress code policy that shorts or skirts be no higher than 4 inches above the knee.

A few years later, during the weigh-ins for UFC 141, Celeste was caught leering at heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem. For that she received a written counseling statement, which she had to sign and return to the human resources department.

“She made me feel like a piece of meat,” Overeem said, flexing his biceps in front of a crowd in between workouts at his gym in Amsterdam. “I felt like she didn’t value me as a person, but as just some kind of sex object.”

“If she could stop staring at my taut, chiseled torso for even just one second, maybe she could notice that I have a voice, that I have important things to say and to be heard,” Overeem added.

Most recently, Celeste’s coworkers have reported her making lewd comments about fellow Octagon girl Brittney Palmer–allegations she downplays.

“I just said her pussy stinks and I can smell it when she’s walking by carrying the card,” Celeste said between rounds of a UFC fight held last week. “She’s a real pretty girl if you like that sort of ‘skanky’ vibe she has going on, but no guy will ever be able to get past how bad her pussy smells.”

Overhearing her from the next folding chair over, Palmer said, “Bitch, your pussy stinks.”

The ring girls’ comments soon made their way to White.

“I wish they would both shut the fuck up and quit it with that horseshit,” White said from his desk at the UFC headquarters building. “All the fucking sexual harassment training, all the fucking hours upon hours of PowerPoints and dumb shit we make them sit through, and they still don’t know how to fucking conduct themselves in a place of business.”

With a disgusted look on his face, White shook his head and said, “Anyway, neither of them has room to talk, because both of their pussies fucking stink like Herb Dean’s dreadlocks. You can smell whatever died between their legs from halfway across the fucking Octagon.”