Mobile, Alabama – For the first time in martial arts history the “let’s go easy” agreement was violated during a beginners Muay Thai class sparring session.

Brett Kline, a 59-year-old father of three and retired veteran of the US Navy has been taking Muay Thai classes at South Point MMA for the past three months.

“I wanted a way to get back in shape,” Kline said. “I did a little boxing when I was aboard the USS Eisenhower, so I thought Muay Thai would be a fun way of reaching my fitness goals.”

What started out as a “fun” activity, however, suddenly became all too serious. After a few months of training, his instructor saw that he had the fundamentals down and suggested that he do some light sparring.

Kline was a bit hesitant, but knew that with full protective equipment, including headgear and shin guards, his chances of getting hurt were minimal.

With eight men in the class, Kline was paired up to spar with Mike Lester, a 28-year-old Home Depot associate who’d been drilling with Kline earlier during the class.

“Right before the buzzer went off I told Mike, ‘Let’s go easy,’ and he gave me a nod and said ‘Sure.’  I didn’t realize that ‘let’s go easy’ meant ‘bury your shin into my inner left thigh as hard as you can.’”

Kline said he threw friendly jabs to let his opponent know he wanted to “keep it playful,” but Lester continued going hard.

That’s when Kline’s fight-or-flight instinct reportedly kicked in.

“This sailor don’t know how to fly–let’s just put it that way,” Kline said.

Eyewitnesses reported that the two began throwing haymakers and wild kicks at each other. Lester managed to secure a Muay Thai clinch, which Kline countered by bum rushing him into a group of other students.

“Something obviously got lost in translation when I said ‘easy,'” Kline said.

When questioned about why the sparring session didn’t go as planned, Lester offered a different perspective.

“Look, this guy is like twice my size and is a US Marine or some shit,” Lester said. “He’s still got that flat top and has that old man strength and shit.”

Lester said he was just trying to survive what he called a “terrifying experience.”

“During drilling he was all nice,” Lester said. “But not long after that buzzer went off he started going hard and I didn’t know why.  I think that military killer instinct training kicked in.  To be real, I couldn’t wait for that buzzer to go off and round to end.  I wanted out–this dude is tough.”

After class, a visibly exhausted Kline sipped on a bottle of water, drove home, and then convinced his wife to have sex by telling her he would go easy.